How to stay fit and healthy during festive season

As the saying goes, it’s not between Christmas and New Years that you gain weight, but between New Years and Christmas. Still if you are someone who is absolute about not indulging in unhealthy activities during the festive seasons, we have some tips for you.

It’s okay to say no.

While this is mostly said to kids, it also applies to adults. In the festive times everyone wants to feed everyone with a lot of food, some people even consider it rude to deny food. But living by this way means that from time to time you will simply eat or drink unhealthy and hurt yourself to not hurt others. This makes no sense as you should come first. Simply say ‘no, thank you’ when you are offered something you don’t want to eat. Go ahead and say the reason why if they ask you for it. Stay firm with your decision.

Exercise (indoors).

Even if you are on a diet, you are most likely to have a little more food or alcohol than you should. There are simply more off days and more gatherings in this season that in any other. Exercising is vital to not gain those holiday kilograms. Depending on where you live in the world this might be tricky as with the festive seasons usually comes cold and wet weather. Good thing nowadays you can simply look up for indoor exercise videos online and follow them. If you do live somewhere where outdoors exercise is possible, take advantage of it. There is really no excuse for not staying active.

Stay hydrated

While staying hydrated is a must throughout the day, pay extra attention to this in the festive seasons. If you are living where it gets cold in the festive seasons it also means that the air you breath is much more dry. A combination of cold air and heating system is the perfect combination for extra dry air. Think about investing in a humidifier and furthermore have a bottle of water by the hand.

Maintain hygiene

It just in the cold seasons that people are more prone to getting sick. Combine this with people traveling from all over the country to visit family and you have a high risk of getting sick. Remember to wash your hands frequently and wear proper clothes for the weather. If you are traveling by plane it may be a good idea to wipe your seat with a disinfectant wet tissues and try not to touch anything going through airports.

Get some rest

Ironically, people are extra busy during the festive seasons. If it’s buying gifts, painting the house, visiting relatives, going on trips or having people over there is almost always something going on. People tend to forget about using the festive season ta kick back a relax. Getting some rest is vital when it comes to letting your body recover from hard work. This also counts when there are back-to-back parties. Don’t force your body to do things you usually don’t do during the rest of the year. Take a break, you deserve it.