How to reduce your stress at work

Working a job has proved to be stressful to many. If it’s either because of deadlines, workload or your environment. We bring you 5 tips to help you reduce your work-related stress levels.

Schedule your day

Your day at work will be much smoother if you have everything planned out. If you know you have different things to do during one day, make a schedule and sort out tasks. When you have a schedule a few things will happen. You will stop doing multiple things at a time, you will have undivided attention to your current task and you will have a proper idea how the day will go. All this will reduce your stress levels as you don’t have to put extra effort in multitasking and making sure everything is done by the end of the day.

Take necessary breaks

Working for hours straight has many disadvantages especially if you are working mostly using brainpower. Your brain can get fatigued pretty fast after heavy use and pushing yourself to stay on track might be counterproductive and causes stress. According to Julia Gifford at The Muse, 52 consecutive minutes of working and then 17 minutes off is the sweet spot for improved productivity. Taking breaks throughout the day is a win-win. You work less, you are less stressed while productivity goes high, try pitching that to higher management though.

Don’t bring your work home

What you do at work is your job what you do outside of work hours is your free time. By mixing these two you will feel like you are working 24/7. When you are not at work, don’t read or answer e-mails when, don’t make any business calls and don’t do anything work related. If your time off is stress free you will have less things on your mind getting to work. Only when you are work should you be concerned about doing your work.

Do what you love to do in a proper setting

While this might not be simply an option for everyone, it still counts. A big part of liking your job is working in the right environment. If a specific job is your thing, it wouldn’t matter much if you are working with the wrong people. A boss who isn’t a leader, co-workers who tend to be bullies or simply a company which doesn’t value their employees will not work to reduce your stress levels. Do something you like doing with people who are like minded and have a better time at your job.

Don’t care so much

The number one cause of your stress might be yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself and know that you are a human being. Work at your own pace. As long as you are doing your job it shouldn’t be a problem. There is no point pushing yourself to work harder and faster if it means you’re going to be stressed out doing a lousy job. If no one is telling you to step up your game, you’re probably in the safe zone. Know that you have your job for a reason, you wouldn’t be there if you are incompetent. Cheer yourself up, you’re doing a good job!