5 healthy habits parents should teach their children

  1. Cut down on sugars and unhealthy fats

Making kids cut down on their unhealthy food intake has been futile for many parents. But making it a habit from early ages can greatly improve their lives later on. We all know straight out telling kids to not eat junk food doesn’t work. Instead explain to them how big corporations are manipulating them with sweeteners, unhealthy fats and colorful packaging to trick them into buying unhealthy foods. This might just make them ‘rebel’ and choose to not eat unhealthy meals. It should also be mentioned that eating a bit of sugar and other processed foods every now and then is fine, but only in small portions in between many other healthy meals.

  1. Eat plant based

There is a lot of misinformation out there especially when it comes to people telling kids what and what not they should eat. Older people swear by their diets laden with animal products like milk, eggs and meat. Educate your kids with science baked knowledge explaining that eating the less animal products is better for your health and the environment. Did you know that eating animals products is linked to higher risks of getting cancer, heart disease and other food born illnesses such as E. coli and Salmonella. Your kids will probably thank you down the road.

  1. Stay active

This has been said many times, but it is it even more relevant today than it ever has before. Kids are staying more and more indoors and not getting the activity that they need. Playing outside has been replaced by video games and television in many households. This means that kids are growing up with the habits of sitting all day long and getting minimal movement. Try to get your kids to stay active by signing them up to play their favorite sports or outdoors activity. If they are doing something that they like it would even be fun for them instead of it feeling like a chore.

  1. Take care of their hygiene

Teaching your kids to have proper hygiene goes a long way. Get your kids in the habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and before bed. This will make the risks of gum disease and caries much lower. Get your kids in the habit of showering daily and washing hands after using the bathroom and before eating. Washing off germs have shown to be quite effecting in preventing illnesses. Washing laundry regularly also contributes to this. Furthermore, get your kids in the habit of cleaning up for themselves and having a tidy living space.

  1. Handling money

Many times you see kids begging their parents to buy them something. While this can be annoying to everyone, it can be avoided. It is a good idea to start giving kids an allowance from a really young age. If they have a certain amount of money each month to spend, they will resort to managing that money instead of begging for whatever it is in hopes their parents will buy it for them. Having your kid manage their own money, even if it is a tiny amount, from a young age will teach them the valuable lesson about how to handle money.