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See Whats Healthy Today

See Whats Healthy Today

How to reduce your stress at work

Working a job has proved to be stressful to many. If it’s either because of deadlines, workload or your environment. We bring you 5 tips to help you reduce your work-related stress levels. Schedule your day Your day at work will be much smoother if you have everything planned out. If you know you have different things to do during one day, make a schedule and sort out tasks. When you have a schedule a few things will happen. You will stop doing multiple things at a time, you will have undivided attention to your current task and you will have a proper idea how the day will go. All this will reduce your stress levels as you don’t have to put extra effort in multitasking and making sure everything is done by the end of the day. Take necessary breaks Working for hours straight has many disadvantages especially if you are working mostly using brainpower. Your brain can get fatigued pretty fast after heavy use and pushing yourself to stay on track might be counterproductive and causes stress. According to Julia Gifford at The Muse, 52 consecutive minutes of working and then 17 minutes off is the sweet spot […]

5 healthy habits parents should teach their children

Cut down on sugars and unhealthy fats Making kids cut down on their unhealthy food intake has been futile for many parents. But making it a habit from early ages can greatly improve their lives later on. We all know straight out telling kids to not eat junk food doesn’t work. Instead explain to them how big corporations are manipulating them with sweeteners, unhealthy fats and colorful packaging to trick them into buying unhealthy foods. This might just make them ‘rebel’ and choose to not eat unhealthy meals. It should also be mentioned that eating a bit of sugar and other processed foods every now and then is fine, but only in small portions in between many other healthy meals. Eat plant based There is a lot of misinformation out there especially when it comes to people telling kids what and what not they should eat. Older people swear by their diets laden with animal products like milk, eggs and meat. Educate your kids with science baked knowledge explaining that eating the less animal products is better for your health and the environment. Did you know that eating animals products is linked to higher risks of getting cancer, heart disease […]

How to stay fit and healthy during festive season

As the saying goes, it’s not between Christmas and New Years that you gain weight, but between New Years and Christmas. Still if you are someone who is absolute about not indulging in unhealthy activities during the festive seasons, we have some tips for you. It’s okay to say no. While this is mostly said to kids, it also applies to adults. In the festive times everyone wants to feed everyone with a lot of food, some people even consider it rude to deny food. But living by this way means that from time to time you will simply eat or drink unhealthy and hurt yourself to not hurt others. This makes no sense as you should come first. Simply say ‘no, thank you’ when you are offered something you don’t want to eat. Go ahead and say the reason why if they ask you for it. Stay firm with your decision. Exercise (indoors). Even if you are on a diet, you are most likely to have a little more food or alcohol than you should. There are simply more off days and more gatherings in this season that in any other. Exercising is vital to not gain those holiday […]

What is mental health?

If you have mental health, you are in a state of psychological well-being. If you have mental health you probably don’t have any mental health issues. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes a good mental health with “subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, inter-generational dependence, and self-actualization of one’s intellectual and emotional potential, among others.” Your mental health plays a huge role when it comes to your emotional, phycological and social well-being and further has big influence in on your thoughts, behavior and interpretation of your surroundings. A big part of your ability to cope with difficult times in life depends on a your mental health. If you are a person who has the ability to easily handle emotions or difficult situations, it is a good sign that you have mental health. Mental health is critical throughout your life at every stage. While physical health is something you hear many people advocating, unfortunately the same does not count for mental health. In many societies even coming out, or seeking for health with mental health issues has shown to be taboo. There are two main ways how your mental health can be impaired. Either because of your environment (e.g. traumatic experiences) […]